Shire of Goomalling


Agendas for Council meetings are available to Elected Members and the public on the Friday prior to the Council meeting and are available at the Shire Administration Office or viewed online as per below.

Meeting Date Agenda Attachments
Ordinary Council Meeting Wed 19th April 2016 Agenda

WAPC Application 154976 (CEO Report)

Development Assessment Panels (CEO Report)

Financial Report

Special Council Meeting Thurs 23rd March 2017 Agenda

Car Full Return 2016

Budget Review February 2017

Ordinary Council Meeting Wed 15th March 2017 Agenda

Feb Financial Report

Financial Agenda March 2017

Goomalling Gumnuts letter

TPS 3 tracked changes

SOG Council Resolution and Amended report

SOG Council Report text to initiate basic scheme amendment

Lighthouse project stage 2

Amended policies (CEO Report)

New policies (CEO Report)

Local Government Act 1995 section 2.32 & 4.17

Ordinary Council Meeting Wed 15th February 2017 Agenda

List of accounts paid February

Credit Card Statement February

December 2016 Financial Report

January 2016 Financial Report

Annual Report 15/16 CEO report

Reticulation Quotes

Youth Friendly Community Plan

New format for Officers' Reports

The Shire of Goomalling recently implemented a revised format for our officers' reports; you can read an explanation of the report format here. The aim of the new format is to produce standardised, comprehensive and inclusive reports.