Shire of Goomalling


Goomalling Shire Councillors 2017-19

Back: CEO Clem Kerp, Cr Joe Bowen, Cr Rodney Sheen, Cr Kevin Ryan, DCEO Natalie Bird

Front: Cr Julie Chester, Shire President Barry Haywood, Deputy Shire President Roland Van Gelderen, Cr Christine Barratt

CouncillorExpiry of elected term
Cr Barry Haywood, Shire President 2019
Cr Rolly Van Gelderen, Deputy Shire President 2019
Cr Joe Bowen 2019
Cr Julie Chester 2021
Cr Christine Barratt 2021
Cr Kevin Ryan 2019
Cr Rodney Sheen 2021

2017 Council Election Results 

Following the close of nominations for vacancies for the 2017 Local Government Elections, the following persons are elected unopposed and are scheduled to be sworn in as Councillors after 21 October 2017, for a four (4) year term.

SHEEN, Rodney 
BARRATT, Christine

Are you interested in becoming a Councillor?

If you want to make a difference in Goomalling and have a say in local decision-making, you can stand for election as a local government Councillor. The next local government elections will take place in 2019.

To find out about nominating and running for a position as a Shire Councillor, read "Standing for Council" by the Department of Local Government or contact the Shire of Goomalling on 9629 1101 or