Shire of Goomalling

Environmental groups

Thousands of trees get planted each year in the Shire of Goomalling and there are many groups working to improve and protect our soils, farms and natural environment, including:

Environmental Group Contact Information
Agriculture Protection Society Paul Manera, PO Box 82, Goomalling WA 6460, ph 9629 1120
Shire of Goomalling Environmental Advisory Committee President Geoff White, PO Box 118, Goomalling WA 6460, email or 
Botherling Springs Catchment Group   
Cunjardine River Catchment Group   
Elyaring Catchment Group   
Gabby Quoi Quoi Catchment Group Coordinator: Ms Kasha Hewson, PO Box 212, Wongan Hills WA 6603, Check out some of the Gabby Quoi Quoi Catchment Group's past achievements.
Goomalling Landcare Coordinator  Andrea Hardingham, PO Box 118, Goomalling WA 6460, ph 9629 1101, email
Mortlock Bushland Group   
Mortlock Farm Improvement Group   
Oak Park Catchment Group   
Skeleton Weed Local Action Group President: Paul Michael, 0419 930 349, Coordinator: Graeme Carr, 0427 291 217, Secretary: Lauren Carr, 0427 287 180.
Ucarty Catchment Group Inc. Coordinator: Christie Kingston, PO Box 246, Goomalling WA 6460, ph 9629 1178, email  

You can get in touch with these groups via the Landcare Coordinator at the Shire of Goomalling on 9629 1101.