Shire of Goomalling


The Goomalling Playgroup offers a relaxed and safe environment for children to play and learn together and for their carers to meet for a cuppa and a chat. New members are always welcome and expectant parents are encouraged to come along and have a look too.


9.30 - 11.30am Mondays (during school terms).


Eaton St, Goomalling. It is behind the Goomalling Primary School and you enter through the gate next to the Goomalling Children’s Centre sign.


$3 per visit per family (or just $2 per visit if the eldest child is under 12 months old). There is also an annual fee paid to Playgroup WA of $28 per family, or $14 with a Health Care Card.


Our playgroup is for children from 0-5 years old and their carers. Grandparents are more than welcome!


Lisa Smith, President
PO Box 195, Goomalling WA 6460


According to

"Playgroup is for you to:

  • play and learn together 
  • meet other parents/caregivers to share ideas, information and experiences 
  • develop new friendships 
  • create a support network with other playgroup members 
  • become part of your local community 
  • have fun together

Your children will:

  • have fun
  • play with and among other children
  • participate in new play experiences
  • respond to other adults
  • make local friends
  • learn simple rules and routines
  • learn more about their world
  • increase their social and communication skills

Play is the key way children learn about the world they live in. They can try out ideas, practise skills, develop structures and rules and play as many different roles as their imagination will allow. Playgroups provide an ideal environment for fostering children’s development through play.”

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