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Employment Opportunities with the Australian Electoral Commission

Published: Tuesday, 2 October 2018 at 9:48:33 AM

'image description'The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is seeking expressions of interest for casual employees to register for work in our area. The work may be before, on and after Polling Day for the next Federal Election.

At this stage there is no date for the next Federal Election, so this is only an expression of interest to work.  The AEC may contact you once an election date has been announced to see if you are interested in working. A position is not guaranteed as this is only an expression of interest; you are not obliged to accept a position if offered once an election date is known.

There are various types of work available with the AEC during an election period including:

  • Working at an Early Voting Centre for up to 3 weeks prior to election day in some major towns.(Kununurra, Carnarvon, Geraldton, Broome, South Hedland, Halls Creek) Usually 8.30 to 5pm but some weekend and late work required.
  • Remote polling teams that travel to communities for a 2 week period prior to polling day. (must be able to be away for 2 weeks and be able to drive a four wheel drive vehicle. Some polling experience preferred)
  • Visiting hospitals and nursing homes to allow people in the facilities to vote. (one or two days’ work)
  • Qualified trainers are required to provide training for polling staff from Kununurra to Bruce Rock
  • Temporary staff are required to undertake various administrative duties in a variety of locations for 6-8 weeks pre- and post-election periods.
  • Or you may be interested in only working as a polling person on Polling day. (which is always a Saturday from approx. 7am to 10pm)

Working for the AEC is a great opportunity to see democracy in action and meet new people and training is provided for all positions. 

If you are interested, or you know anyone who may be interested, register your interest now via the AEC website employment page to register. This is your opportunity to tell the AEC about your skills and abilities so we can match you to the most appropriate position.

You are under no obligation to accept an offer of employment as this is only an expression of interest.

Please do not hesitate to contact the AEC Division of Durack office on 08 9308 2090 if you need any assistance with this process.

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