Shire of Goomalling

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathologist Laura McRae comes to Goomalling Hospital fortnightly on Wednesdays from 9am to 2.30pm.

To make an appointment either fill out the referral form and fax it to Northam Hospital (the number is on the form) or ring Northam Hospital on 9690 1320.

What does a Speech Pathologist do?

A Speech Pathologist is an allied health professional who can assess and treat the following disorders in both children and adults:

  • Production of speech sounds (i.e. ‘tat’ for ‘cat’)
  • Understanding others (comprehension) and being understood (expression)
  • Pre-literacy skills (hearing the sounds in words i.e. ‘cat’ >‘c-a-t’)
  • Stuttering
  • Voice disorders
  • Swallowing problems

How do we do it?

Speech Pathologists can:

  • Provide individual assessments
  • Develop home programs to target specific difficulties
  • Run group or whole class therapy sessions
  • Provide education to parents and carers in the form of workshops or talks
  • Visit schools (liaise with teachers and teacher aides)
  • Offer some individual treatment
  • Work with patients in hospitals or aged care
  • Provide home visits

Parent responsibilities when attending therapy

  • Attend all appointments with your child
  • As therapy involves you working with your child, the Speech Pathologist cannot see your child alone.
  • If possible brothers and sisters should not be in the therapy session. If they cannot be left alone in the waiting room, please try to make alternative arrangements.
  • Discuss your child's progress with speech pathology activities.
  • Work with your child within the Speech Pathology session.
  • Plan new activities for your child with the help of the Speech Pathologist.
  • Do regular practice at home.

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Contact details

Lauren McRae
Speech Pathologist
Avon & Central Primary Health Service
Wheatbelt region - WA Country Health Service
P.O. Box 312, Northam WA 6401
Ph: (08) 9690 1320