Shire of Goomalling

Community Groups Directory

If you find any of the following information to be incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date, please advise us via email

Goomalling Bowling Club 

PO Box 24, Goomalling WA 6460

President: Bruce Clarke 9629 1035
Secretary: Scott Thomson 9629 1277

Goomalling Cricket Club 

PO Box 247, Goomalling WA 6460

President: Brendon Wilkes, 9629 1785

Goomalling Football Club 

PO Box 84, Goomalling WA 6460 

President Murrray Siegert, 0428 232 288
Secretary: Vanessa Leeson 

Nippers Football Club

President: Darren Sewell 

Goomalling Go-Kart Club

President: Brain Sims  0433666314
Secretary: Peta Sims   0433666315

10 Neville Rd Baldivis WA 6171

Goomalling Golf Club

PO Box 162, Goomalling WA 6460. Phone: (08) 9629 1201.

President: Lyndon Bird 9629 1142
Secretary: Barry Chattaway

Goomalling Ladies Hockey Club 

PO Box 9, Goomalling WA 6460. Email: 

President: Lauren Carr, 0427 287 180
Treasurer: Jo Bywaters

Goomalling Netball Club 

PO Box 291, Goomalling WA 6460.

Pesident: Jarna French (08) 9629 1054
Secretary: Josie Thomson

Goomalling Swimming Club

PO Box 154, Goomalling WA 6460

President: Trudi Manera, 9629 1075

Goomalling Tennis Club 

PO Box 121, Goomalling WA 6460. 

President: Michael McGill (08) 9629 1343
Secretary: Lesley West (08) 9623 2321

Jennacubbine Tennis Club 

RMB 848, Northam WA 6401.

President: Joe Bowen (08) 9623 2264
Secretary: Lyn West (08) 9622 5118

Konnongorring Tennis Club

PO Box 98, Wongan Hills 6603.

President: Alan Hewson (08) 9620 1252
Secretary: Margaret Davey (08) 9620 1245

Mortlock Sports Council

President: Lyndon Bird 9629 1142
Secretary: Jo Bywaters 

Goomalling Playgroup 

PO Box 195, Goomalling WA 6460

President: Elle Leeming

Goomalling Toy Library

PO Box 230, Goomalling WA 6460

President: Jaimee Robert 0429 197 393
Secretary: Kristel Couper 0402 829 218
Treasurer: Jade Dempster

Goomalling Gumnuts Inc.

PO Box 189, Goomalling WA 6460. Ph: 9629 1188, email:

Chairperson: Graham Chester
Secretary: Jessica Wilkes

Goomalling Primary School P & C

PO Box 146, Goomalling WA 6460. Ph: 9629 1055

President: Peta Clarke
Secretary: Hayley Sewell
Treasurer: Christine Barratt

Sacred Heart Catholic School P & F

PO Box 86, Goomalling 6460

President: Lara Lord, 9629 1652
Secretary: Annette Syred

Goomalling Youth Group

Secretary/Treasurer: Tahnee Bird, 0439 170 689, E: 

Senior Citizens

Senior CitizensAdd life to your years! The Goomalling Senior Citizens group is a great way for over-50s to meet new people and socialise.

Each Tuesday they participate in a number of activities including bingo, carpet bowls, cards and other games. They also go on outings using the local community bus once a month, including trips to Midland Gate for a day of shopping, lunches with other senior groups and Christmas functions around the wheatbelt.

Masonic Lodge, Corner of Quinlan St and Lockyer St. PO Box 215, Goomalling WA 6460

President: Shirley King 9629 1105
Vice President: Kay Simpson 9629 1712 

Men's Shed

Open to men of all ages every Tuesday and Wednesday between 9am and 12noon, the Goomalling Men's Shed is for men to join together for:

  • companionship
  • tea, coffee or drinks
  • doing projects or
  • just relaxing.

The Goomalling Men's Shed is located in the old school building on Williams St (behind the Caravan Park and Pool near the Go Kart Club).

PO Box 90, Goomalling WA 6460
President: Murray Chester
Secretary: Geoff Wise 0429 906 918

Goomalling Lions Club

PO Box 42, Goomalling WA 6460

President: Rolly Van Gelderen, 9629 1284
Secretary: Chris Van Gelderen 

Goomalling St John Ambulance Sub Centre Committee

PO Box 181, Goomalling WA 6460. Ph: 9629 1508.

President: Claire Dadd
Vice President: Carlene Brookes
Secretary: Jean Walker
Treasurer: Sue Carr

Goomalling Volunteer Fire Brigade

Cnr Quinlan & James St. PO Box 45, Goomalling WA 6460

Captain: Brady Anderson

Goomalling & Districts Community Bank Board

PO Box 60, Goomalling WA 6460

Chairperson: Natalie Bird
Secretary: Loretta Johnston, 9629 1570

Goomalling Community Resource Centre Management Committee

PO Box 167, Goomalling WA 6460.

Chairperson: Natalie Bird. Ph 9629 1101
Secretary: Claire Dadd. Email:

Goomalling Farmers Club

PO Box 24, Goomalling WA 6460

Chairperson: Kevin Ryan. Ph 9629 1010

Goomalling Historical Society

PO Box 224, Goomalling WA 6460

Chairperson: Harold Forward, 9629 1185 
Secretary/Treasurer: Therese Wise 0429 906 918

Goomalling Railway Station

The Goomaling Railway Station has a fully functioning kitchen and can be hired for events. Tables and Chairs, all crockery, glassware, cutlery and come cooking implements are included in the hire price. The main room could also be used for meetings or workshops. 

Hire fees: $20 per day or $10 a day for not for profit groups.

Kay French: 9629 1736
Peta-Anne Brennan: 9629 1135
Wendy Williams: 9629 1136

Apex Club of Dowerin-Goomalling Inc

Club #504  Zone 4  District 2
PO Box 117 DOWERIN WA 6461. 

President: Paul Millsteed, Ph: (08) 96311721

Jennacubbine Progress Association

A group of community–minded Jennacubbine residents established the Jennacubbine Progress Association in 2010 to promote the welfare of the Jennacubbine district, preserve its history, take care of current facilities and plan for future opportunities.

Email Cathie Bowen at

Goomalling - Konnongorring CWA

The Konnongorring - Goomalling CWA is based at the CWA rooms at Anstey Park. For further information contact Dawn Crommelin on 9629 1559

Jennacubbine CWA

PO Box 212, Northam WA 6401

President: Yvonne Lawrence 9622 3881
Secretary: Ellie Eaton 
Treasurer: Wendy Sheridan

Jennacubbine Hall Committee

PO Box 235, Goomalling WA 6460

Secretary: Mikki Patton. Ph 9623 2273

Konnongorring Hall Committee

Carmel Whitfield. Ph 9620 1225

Rural Watch & Neighbourhood Watch

Goomalling Police Station, 14 Quinlan St. Ph 9629 1200

Shire of Goomalling Environmental Advisory Committee

PO Box 118, Goomalling. Email:

President: Geoff White, 9629 1275
Secretary: Clem Kerp, 9629 1101

Skeleton Weed Advisory Committee

PO Box 118, Goomalling WA 6460

President: Paul Michael 0419 930 349
Secretary/Coordinator: Katie Chester, 0427 291 705

Ucarty Catchment Group

PO Box 246, Goomalling WA 6460. Email:

Coordinator: Christie Kingston. Ph 9629 1178