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WA Off Road Racing Association - Expression of Interest

WAORRA is the oldest off-road racing club in Western Australia, comprising of over 130 entusiastic off-road endurance racing members. The WAORRA originated in the ‘70s when some of the founding members raced the sand dunes in Lancelin. Now, the members generally race on farming properties within a few hours’ drive from Perth, in the next generation/s of racer in faster and stronger vehicles.

Off-road racing tests the competitors and their vehicles over different track conditions, consisting of anything from mud and creek crossings, gravel pits, open paddocks, tight bush tracks, long sandy straights, dusty corners and some very rough terrain sections. Most races are held over two days, with the lap distance varying from 25-60kms in length and totalling anywhere between 200kms to 500kms per race for long course events.

WAORRA are interested in hosting an event in the Shire of Goomalling, which has the support in principal from the Council. The event promises economic benefit for businesses and community groups with an influx of visitors, as well as creating another spectacle for everyone to enjoy.

The event would 100% be managed and coordinated by WAORRA.

Council is seeking expressions of interest from property owners about the possibility of using part of your property to create the track. To see WAORRA’s full proposal, to offer your support or to find out more information contact Tahnee Bird, Community Development Officer 08 9629 1101 or

For more information about past events see the following:









Traffic Management Course

A Traffic Management Course will be run in Goomalling in August 2017. More information will be published in the Goomalling Endeavour closer to the date, however it is an opportunity to obtain qualification in Traffic Management and be available for casual employment with the Shire of Goomalling in Traffic Management for roadworks and construction projects when they arise.

Interested persons are encouraged to contact Council’s Work Supervisor, Russell Beck on 0427 556 579 or email for more information or to register their interest.

Annual Rubbish Collection Day

Residents of the Goomalling Townsite are given the opportunity for Council Staff to collect your piles of debris, garden refuse and the like on Townsite blocks to be collected on Friday 1st September 2017.

Please call into the Shire Office to complete the required form for those who wish to have their rubbish and refuse collected between 8.30am to 3.00pm.

Restricted Burning Permit Period - Ended

The Shire of Goomalling advises the Restricted Burning Permit Period has ended

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  • and much more..

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New pest rabbit biocontrol plan for Australia

A new 20-year national biocontrol plan for pest rabbits got underway in the first week of March 2017, with the release of a new strain of the Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus, called RHDV1 K5, commencing at more than 600 sites across the country.

In Western Australia there have been 135 release sites.

K5 is not a new virus, but is a naturally occurring Korean variant of RHDV1 already present in Australia. A Czech strain of RHDV1 was first released in 1996, and is now widespread.

It is expected that K5 will work better in the cool-wet regions of Australia, where the Czech strain has not been so successful.

Rabbits are Australia’s most destructive agricultural and environmental pest animal, costing upwards of $200 million in lost agricultural production annually, and the new strain is expected to slow down the increase in pest rabbit numbers.

K5 will not however result in a 90% reduction of pest rabbit populations, as was seen 20 years ago. Rather it is expected to ‘boost’ current management.

To maximise the effectiveness of K5, the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA) is issuing the following information to release site managers, communities and the general public:

  • Domestic rabbit owners are advised to seek advice from their local veterinarian and use protective biosecurity measures to help keep their rabbits safe from infection. For more information visit DAFWA’s RHDV web pages –
  • The release of K5 provides no greater risk to pet rabbits than the existing RHDV1 strain which has been present in Australia for 20 years. Domestic rabbits with up to date vaccinations for the existing strain are likely to be safe from K5.
  • RHDV will be most effective if supported by integrated pest management, with conventional control measures being undertaken following release of the virus. A series of instructional ‘how-to’ videos on best practice rabbit control has been released by the Invasive Animals CRC.
  • The video series can be downloaded from the PestSmart All release sites should have received a USB of the video series along with their information and sampling kits.
  • Release sites, landholders located close to release sites, and members of the public are urged to get involved by using the RabbitScan (FeralScan) app to report rabbit sightings or signs of disease. This will help track the spread of the virus. The RabbitScan app is available from iTunes or GooglePlay, or can be downloaded from the FeralScan
  • Land managers are strongly encouraged to carry out concurrent control for predators such as foxes (potentially looking for alternative food sources in the absence of rabbits).
  • The Invasive Animals CRC issues regular RHD Boost E-updates to report on progress of the release program. To subscribe go to

The release of K5 comes after more than five years of testing through the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre RHD Boost project, with major financial and in kind resources provided by the Australian and state governments, and industry and non-government organisations.

Release site map - WA 

Fire Response Vehicle Identifier Stickers  

To assist authorities identify vehicles which can assist DFES in bushfire response, DFES and the Shire encourages owners of such vehicles or machinery to apply for a Fire Response Vehicle Identifier windscreen sticker. The stickers are designed to enable passage of approved vehicles through the vehicle control points (road blocks) where approved by the Incident Controller. Appliances or machinery without a Vehicle Identifier sticker may be delayed or prevented from assisting in the response.

Stickers are issued under a number of conditions including:

  • the Fire Response Vehicle Identifier is for the purpose of fire response;
  • when the vehicle is no longer used as a fire response vehicle (e.g. when sold) the identifier will be removed;
  • compliance with the Road Traffic Act 1974;
  • identifier can be revoked by an Incident Controller or authorised person at any time;
  • appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing will be worn at all times;
  • the driver will ensure that the vehicle’s presence at an incident is recorded on  both arrival and departure;
  • Read and understood the “Operating Private Equipment at Bushfires” publication and will make drivers of the vehicle familiar with this document.

Stickers for the period ending 30 September 2018 are now available. Application forms are available from the Shire Administration Centre or downloadable here.

Multiple stickers may be issued to persons with multiple suitable vehicles/equipment – one application form per vehicle is required.

Stickers will be mailed to applicant following vetting of the application by the Shire.

Should you have any questions please contact the Shire on 9629 1101.

Permits required for vehicles over 19m long, traversing on our local roads

Even if you hold a Main Roads WA permit you are still required to obtain a permit from Council to traverse on local roads.

To renew your permit or apply for a new permit, please apply in writing advising of all Prime Mover and Trailer Registrations, along with $11.00 per configuration. Permits are valid for one year from the date of the application.

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