The small town of Konnongorring lies 25km north of Goomalling on Northam-Pithara Rd towards Wongan Hills. It has a grain receival point, town hall, Uniting church, tennis courts and is close to theGabby Quoi Quoi lookout, from which you can see a sample of the vast areas of native revegetation carried out by local farming families.

Konnongorring was gazetted in 1897. The name was derived from “Konno”, an Aboriginal term for a dark coloured bulbous root that was roasted and eaten by the Ballardong people. The region has become popularly known to the locals as the place of smoker parrots. [B Sewell – A Backward Glance]

The Konnongorring Catholic Church, now a private residence, was built in 1929 and was dedicated to St Michael the Archangel. Regular services were held in the church until June 1974. Some years later the quaint Romanesque style building was sold and converted to a private residence.

Konnongorring Catholic ChurchGabby Quoi Quoi

Old Catholic Church in Konnongorring  -  Gabby Quoi Quoi Lookout