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Goomalling is a great place to visit, live and work.

Fast Facts

  • Goomalling is 132km north east of Perth, Western Australia. It's in the Avon Valley, about 30 minutes drive to Northam, Toodyay and Dowerin.
  • The Goomalling Shire covers an area of about 1800km2.
  • About 1,100 people live in the Shire of Goomalling, of which about 600 in town and 500 on rural properties.
  • Goomalling has excellent health, community and education facilities and services, plus work and business opportunities, shops, emergency services and affordable land and housing.
  • Goomalling is the gateway to the central wheatbelt and its main industry is agriculture.
  • The Mortlock River flows through Goomalling and into the Avon River, which later joins the Swan River. [More about nature]
  • Goomalling is a Noongar word meaning 'place of possums' (but possums are very rare here now). The original Indigenous people, the Ballardong people, spoke the Tjapanmay dialect of the Noongar language. Many place names in Goomalling today are the original Noongar names.
  • The district was explored in 1854 by Assistant Surveyor Austin and the earliest white settler in Goomalling was George Slater, whose historic 'Slater Homestead' can be visited 3km east of the Goomalling townsite. The Benedictine Monks of New Norcia once held extensive grazing rights in the area.
  • Goomalling was declared a township in 1903, a year after the railway line from Northam was officially opened. [More history]


Map of the district

Goomalling District Map