Disability access and inclusion

The Shire of Goomalling is committed to ensuring that it's an accessible and inclusive community for people with disabilities, their families and carers. In an accessible and inclusive community, people with a disability can access and are welcomed to participate in all local government functions, facilities and services in the same manner and with the same rights and responsibilities as other members of the community.

The Shire of Goomalling Access and Inclusion Plan is available online.

Disability Information and Support Organisations

Disability access in your business

Businesses across Goomalling can do their bit to assist local people with disabilities and their families. There are many ways that the business community can welcome people with disabilities both as employees and as customers. Businesses have the potential to benefit substantially by improving customer service and considering the needs of all of their consumers including people with disabilities in their business planning and development. The Disability Services Commission is the State Government agency that funds and provides services to Western Australians with disabilities and their families and carers. The Commission’s website, www.disability.wa.gov.au has a section for businesses under its "Business and Government" heading. You will find information about:

  • employing people with disabilities;
  • building social capital;
  • customer service for people with disabilities;
  • awards for accessible businesses;
  • complaints and legislation; and
  • useful resources and links for the business community.