Local and regional landcare groups

The Shire helps keep locals informed about the activities of groups like AVONGRO and Wheatbelt NRM. Draw inspiration from these projects in Goomalling and Wongan Hills that were made possible by Wheatbelt NRM.

Check out these Avon region farmers integrating tree crops into their farms:

Goomalling's biodiversity is recognised as one of our important assets, and local nature reserves such as Oak Park and the Salmon Gum Way reserve are vital in protecting this biodiversity.

Tree planting

Thousands of trees get planted per year in Goomalling, including through a community event in the light of Plant a Tree Day in June each year. Our Landcare/Community Development Officer can help people apply for natural resource management funding. The Shire also makes tree planting equipment available for hire.

Water Management

The Shire of Goomalling recycles and harvests water. Stormwater is harvested and, along with 35 million litres of recycled sewerage from 175 sewered properties in town, is used to water the recreation ground and public gardens. 

Waterwise Council

Council has officially signed the agreement with Water Corporation to become a Waterwise Council, which means Council will be auditing current facilities and processes in order to implement strategies to reduce water consumption.

Velvet Tree Pear Cactus

The Opuntioid Cacti are a declared pest. The Velvet Tree Pear Cactus has been a real issue in Goomalling.

One plant in a garden had become hundreds of plants on multiple blocks on the edge of Goomalling (Approximately 90ha were infested). The plant is very hardy, infestation spreads fast through seeds and pads, and seedlings are hard to detect.

big one large small

Images: Large Cactus in Goomalling townsite - Cactus after treatment - Spreading of cacti
Photo credits: Department of Agriculture & Food WA

Shire of Goomalling removed the cactus in 2015 which required 8 hours backhoe to dig an adequate disposal pit and manually removed the cactus, 2 hours to mulch the site and spray the remnant seedlings. Estimate cost of removal for one plant was $600.

Project Prickle

Shire of Goomalling, Greening Australia and Department of Agriculture and Food WA have worked together for 3 years to eradicate the weed and increase awareness in the community about the significance of the problem.

The project has now concluded but we need to remain vigilant. Please continue to report cacti by sending photos and location (GPS coordinates if possible) to or phoning 08 9629 1101.

Do not dump cacti at the tip, the plant will regerminate and spread.