Refuse Disposal Facility

Shire of Goomalling residents can use the Goomalling Refuse Disposal Facility.

Please follow the directions of the Site Attendant and dispose of your waste in the appropriate areas to maximise recycling, minimise the amount of movement of heavy equipment to tidy the area and create a more efficient and cost effective operation.


Wednesdays 8am - 1pm

Fridays 12.30pm - 5.30pm (amended June 2019)

Sundays 10am-5pm

Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday.

Waste categories accepted

Waste categories accepted
Clean green waste All vegetative material that is not seasoned, dried or mixed with other waste types.
Inert waste (non-contaminated) Wastes that are largely non-biodegradable, non-flammable and not chemically reactive.
  • Clean fill consists of rocks or soil arising from the excavation of larely undisturbed material tha does not contain harmful contaminants.
  • Building and demolition wastes (bricks, concrete, small quantities of paper, plastics, glass, metal and timber) being material resulting from the demolition, erection, construction, refurbishment, repair or alteration of infrastructure such as houses, sheds, bridges, etc and which is not mixed with any other type of waste and does not contain asbestos.
  • Asphalt waste (e.g. resulting from road construction or repair and waterproofing works).
  • Bio-solids categorised for unrestricted use.
Inert waste (contaminated) A mixture of any of the waste categories.
General Waste Waste that hasn't been sorted for recycling or to go to landfill, for example general household rubbish and recyclables.
Recyclables Cardboard, milk cartons and bottles (remove lids), plastic (PET) bottles (remove lids), all plastic containers (mixed is OK), plastic toys (remove metal parts), glass bottles and jars (no window or drinking glasses, and no china or pottery), dry newspapers tied into bundles, bundled and tied magazines, junk mail and phone books; and inert waste that can be re-used. Note: the site attendant will establish if the product is re-usable or not.


Paying to dispose of your rubbish is now common at most refuse disposal sites in Western Australia.

Disposal of waste can be FREE or at a very minimal cost for Shire of Goomalling residents who separate their loads and leave them at the designated places at the disposal facility.

If you don’t want to separate your waste, pay the appropriate fee (as indicated below) at the gate for your mixed or contaminated load.

The fee structure encourages you to sort household rubbish prior to disposal to save money and reduce waste to landfill.

Waste disposal fees

# free to Shire of Goomalling residents if not a mixed up load.

Waste disposal fees 2022-23
Tipping Fee per cubic metre- Non residents $20 cu/m
Recyclables nil
Car bodies $70* each
Asbestos (min fee $300) $110 cu/m
Residential - refuse (green bin) $300
Residential - recycling (yellow lid bin) $92
Residential - refuse additional bin $300
Residential - recycling additional bin $92
Commercial - Refuse $300
Commercial - Recycling $92
Commercial - refuse additional bin $300
Commercial - recycling additional bin $92
Wongamine/Jennacubbine/Konnongorring refuse removal $320


Must be wrapped and sealed before it can be deposited at the facility. If you can see the fibres in the material, it will be deemed to be asbestos by the Site Attendant. Samples can be sent away for analysis at your cost.

For further information contact the Department of Environment or Council’s Environmental Health Officer.


Fencing wire tangles up in our equipment and can do very severe and costly damage. Recyclers do not want to take it for the same reasons therefore it won't be accepted. Mesh such as chicken wire, if rolled tightly and compressed, will be accepted in small quantities.


Tyres are not accept at Goomalling refuse site. Tyrecycle is a global tyre recycling organisation, there are a number of retailers in the Region that are Tyrecycle retailers Find a Retailer - Tyrecycle


Please find out about and use the recycling services provided in Goomalling by the Goomalling Lions Club and various local businesses and organisations.

You can leave recyclables such as motor vehicles; machinery; white goods such as (degassed) refrigerators, microwaves and washing machines; electronic waste such as computers and printers; and vehicle batteries at the designated areas at the Goomalling Refuse Facility.

Health and safety

Children and pets are not allowed out of your vehicle.

Scavenging of materials and the collection of firewood is not permitted.

Tip shop

The site attendant is entitled to run a shop to sell any item that is considered 'of value'. The Shire of Goomalling is not involved and no warranties or guarantees are offered.


Goomalling Refuse Disposal Facility

Waterhouse Way, Goomalling WA 6460 (off Haywood Street)

Shire of Goomalling, PO Box 118, Goomalling WA 6460
T (08) 9629 1101
F (08) 9629 1017