Rubbish Collection

Residents in the Goomalling, Konnongorring and Jennacubbine townsites have their rubbish collected every week. On Wednesdays for Goomalling and Konno, on Tuesdays for Jenna.  Kerbside Recycling collection is also available in the Goomalling townsite, with fortnightly pick indicated in the image below. See for more details on rubbish collections.


Reduce, reuse, recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle

There are several initiatives in Goomalling to help you reduce your waste, reuse (by selling or upcycling) and recycle what can be recycled, such as the White St Recycling Shed, the Community Op Shop and the Tip Shop, Recycling collection and container deposit scheme.


The first step to reducing household waste is to shift the way we think about waste. Nothing is waste—until we throw it away.

Reducing the amount of disposable products you use makes a big difference to your overall level of waste. Choose reusable cloths, reusable shopping bags, lunch containers, rechargeable batteries etc.

Around two thirds of waste sent to landfill is from organic material like food scraps, paper and garden waste. When organic waste decomposes in landfills, it produces a gas known as 'landfill gas' which consists of about 55% methane. Methane is a much more damaging greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide (CO2). It's also smelly and highly flammable, it causes our rubbish tip to catch on fire on a regular basis. You can keep organic waste out of landfill by using scraps as chook food or by composting at home and use it to fertilise your garden. Double win.

Hazardous waste includes products such as motor oil, brake fluid, kerosene, mineral turpentine (turps), pesticides and herbicides, batteries and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), oven cleaners and pool chemicals. These products cannot be disposed of in your regular garbage collection, and for many hazardous wastes, it can be illegal to do so. This is because they can leak into the environment and waterways and cause serious health risks. Many household cleaning products, as well as paint, insect repellents, rat poison can also be damaging when disposed of in landfill. You can reduce the number of toxic products you need to throw away by changing your shopping habits and choosing natural alternatives.


Join the “upcycling” movement. There is an abundance of clever and cute DIY ideas and projects to reuse old items.

One person’s trash is another one’s treasure. Car boot sales, garage sales, op shops, tip shop are a great way for reusable items to find a new home and receive a second life.

Buying products that can be recycled or contain recycled materials helps to keep metals and other useful materials out of landfill. This can also reduce the demand for manufacturers to make new materials.


There are several initiatives in Goomalling where your recyclable waste, such as glass, plastics, cans, paper and cardboard can be collected for recycling.

As Australians buy more and more electronic products, the amount of e-waste (such as computers, televisions, printers, mobile phones) is increasing rapidly. This waste contains many parts that can and should be recycled so that the resources can be used again. E-waste also contains a range of hazardous elements such as lead and mercury which can be released into the environment if not disposed of properly.

To look after Goomalling's environment, for your own benefit and that of future generations, get more ideas at and help work towards zero landfill.


Refuse Disposal Facility (rubbish tip)

Shire of Goomalling residents can use the Goomalling Refuse Disposal Facility and the Goomalling Reuse Centre (tip shop) located in the sea container.

Please follow the directions of the Site Attendant and dispose of your waste in the appropriate areas to maximise recycling, minimise the amount of movement of heavy equipment to tidy the area and create a more efficient and cost effective operation.


Wednesdays 8am - 1pm

Fridays 12.30pm - 5.30pm 

Sundays 10am-5pm

Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Good Friday.


Paying to dispose of your rubbish is now common at most refuse disposal sites in Western Australia.

Disposal of waste can be FREE or at a very minimal cost for Shire of Goomalling residents who separate their loads and leave them at the designated places at the disposal facility.

If you don’t want to separate your waste, pay the appropriate fee at the gate for your mixed or contaminated load.

The fee structure encourages you to sort household rubbish prior to disposal to save money and reduce waste to landfill.