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Anstey Park  - Community survey results

08 March 2021

Council recently surveyed the community using survey monkey to get general feedback with regards to the components that should be included in the park development including the existing infrastructure such as the memorial rock and CWA building.  See survey results here.


The Anstey Park revitalisation is a project designed to enliven the public space in the middle of the commercial precinct that is significantly underutilised. The project seeks to activate a vacant commercial block and the CWA Building site by providing a space for the whole community to connect and play while creating foot traffic for local businesses.    

The draft concept was developed based on community feedback that there is a lack of adequate play or public spaces for children and young people. In the past, community members have commented on the underutilisation of Anstey Park, which is ideally located close to local cafes and businesses, and the development of which could enhance the family experience and encourage ongoing support for local business. 

The project aims to:
  • Increase patronage at local businesses;
  • Activate public space to improve community participation and connection;
  • Activate a pop-up market space for at home sellers and artisans;
  • Provide a family friendly and accessible public space for families to enjoy;
  • Create a space that encourages visiting families to stop; and
  • Improve facilities and increase community pride.
Council considerations

Our community is almost 120 years old and as such, Council now owns a large number of old and underutilised assets that need significant and expensive repair.   Council needs to rationalise these assets as it is unable to maintain all of them due to the sheer cost of repairs.  We need to decide which to keep and which to dispose of to keep rate increases as low as possible, while continuing to create a more liveable community for all demographics.

To attract external funding, facilities need to be multi-purpose and inclusive. The following buildings are significantly underutilised and are maintained by Council (by this we mean the building is underutilised if it services only one group/demographic less than three days a week).
  • Konnongorring Recreation Ground
  • Konnongorring Hall
  • Jennacubbine Hall (supported by Jennacubbine Progress Association)
  • Masonic Lodge (used by Goomalling Twilight Club)
  • Goomalling Railway Station
  • Men’s Shed Facility (formerly Goomalling Public School)
  • Goomalling Museum
  • CWA Building
Site considerations

CWA Building – intent to demolish
  • Market Value $40,000
  • Condition of Asset Rating = 4 (End of life)
  • Required funds for basic improvement in the vicinity of $200,000
  • Usage prior to closure:1 day per week (less than 10 people) – Groups that utilised the space are no longer active.
  • CWA position in relation to building. The building was owned by CWA and held a lease in place until 1991 and didn't renew, CWA stopped maintaining the building as a result forfeited ownership to Council.             
Memorial Water Fountain – intent to leave in place
Other considerations
  • The Railway Station is in close proximity to the CWA building, is underutilised and requires regular maintenance. The station is of  greater cultural significance and provides equal or better functionality than the CWA building.
  • The Anstey Park CWA Building isn’t the original CWA building, the original was located on Forward Street and demolished by a private owner.
  • The Goomalling Town Hall isn’t underutilised but requires significant upgrade for continued use. Toilets are no longer to the required standard for events; and the roof and ceiling require repair.  The town hall is a higher priority for maintenance due to its potential for multipurpose use, current usage (Karate, dance, youth activities, Gumnuts Early learning centre, Markets), venue capacity and cultural significance.
  • A CWA group still functions in the Shire of Goomalling, the Jennacubbine branch operates from their facility in Jennacubbine. 

Unrestricted Burning Period - commenced 13 April 2021

The Shire of Goomalling will commence the  UNRESTRICTED BURNING PERIOD as at 13 April 2021.

Permits are NOT required

Camping/cooking Fires and burning of Garden refuse and/or rubbish ALLOWED

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  • Mandatory contact registers expanded *** COVID-19 ***

    More Western Australian businesses and premises will be required to maintain contact registers to further strengthen WA’s contact tracing capabilities, should it be required.

  • Community Resilience Scorecard

    Our community has been invited to take part in a state-wide survey collecting data to help local communities like ours to recover and thrive following the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia. This is a collaboration between State Government and 139 Local Governments across Western Australia. Remarkable times call for remarkable collaboration. We are stronger when we work together.