Emergency Services


Ring Triple Zero for fire, ambulance and urgent police attendance.

Robert Koch is the Community Emergency Services Manager for the Shires of Goomalling and Toodyay. Please contact Robert (email cesm@toodyay.wa.gov.au or mobile 0458 042 104) for information about preventing and/or preparing for emergencies, and what to do during and after emergencies.

AMBULANCE - 000 St John Ambulance Sub Centre, Forrest St, Goomalling WA 6460. Run by local volunteers, the Goomalling St John Ambulance Service has two ambulances and is available 24 hours a day.
POLICE - 000
000 is for urgent and emergency calls only, otherwise call 9629 1200
Bernie Hush (OIC), Goomalling Police Station, 14 Quinlan St, Goomalling WA 6460, phone 08 9626 6100, fax 08 9629 1396, email goomalling.police.station@police.wa.gov.au.

When Goomalling police are away from the station, not working or after hours your call will be diverted to the Wheatbelt Police Operations Centre and be answered immediately.

The Goomalling Police Station or the Shire office (9629 1101) can be contacted for information about Goomalling Neighbourhood Watch and Rural Watch.

Wheatbelt Police Operations Centre (24 hrs) - Northam Police Complex, Gairdner St, Northam WA 6401, phone 08 9622 4260, fax 08 9622 3501

Police Operations Centre - phone 131 444

FIRE - 000


See the Shire of Goomalling Fire Information for details about:

  • restricted burning periods (19 Sep - 31 Oct plus 15 Feb - 29 March) and permits
  • prohibited burning period (1 Nov - 14 Feb)
  • total fire bans
  • harvest, vehicle and hot work bans
  • burning road verges
  • keeping your property safer
  • property inspections
  • fire break order for townsite land and rural residential and rural land
  • fire break variations -- For alternative firebreaks, complete and send this template letter to Council.  
  • penalties
  • kilns and incinerators
  • campfires and cooking fires
  • burning garden refuse and
  • Goomalling's fire control officers.

Permits will be issued only for stubble/grass for crop preparation purposes. Permits may be applied via the Shire administration office. Holders of permits must comply with all permit conditions which include (but not limited to) restrictions/requirements around burn notifications, minimum supervision & firefighting resourcing and time periods for lighting of chaff piles. 

The Goomalling Bush Fire Brigade (PO Box 45, 12 Quinlan Street, Goomalling WA 6460) is run by local volunteers.  New volunteers are welcome - contact Rob Koch (email cesm@toodyay.wa.gov.au or mobile 0458 042 104) for details.

Radio communication is via channel 29 on VHF sets.

fire chart

Protect your loved ones and property. Read DEFS information on how to prepare for bushfires.

SMS Notifications

The Shire of Goomalling operates an SMS Notification service for Harvest, Vehicle Movement and Hot Works Bans and local road closures due to weather events. To be added to this list please contact us.

Please note incident information and emergency warnings for hazards such as bushfires are communicated by DFES emergency.wa.gov.au, ABC Local radio and where relevant, via SMS. The Shire’s notification system does not alert residents to a fire or associated warning.

HOSPITAL - 000 The Goomalling Hospital has a 24 hour accident and emergency service. PO Box 107, Forrest St, Goomalling WA 6460, phone: 08 9629 0100.
SES - 132 500 The State Emergency Service (SES) is a volunteer division of the Department for Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). SES volunteers play a vital role in responding to natural disasters and emergencies on behalf of the community. For details, see http://www.dfes.wa.gov.au/contactus/Pages/whentocalltheses
DOCTOR - 9629 1166

Goomalling Medical Surgery, 51 Railway Terrace (PO Box 94), Goomalling WA 6460, phone 08 9629 1166.

Fire Response Vehicle Identifier Stickers  

To assist authorities identify vehicles which can assist DFES in bushfire response, DFES and the Shire encourages owners of such vehicles or machinery to apply for a Fire Response Vehicle Identifier windscreen sticker. The stickers are designed to enable passage of approved vehicles through the vehicle control points (road blocks) where approved by the Incident Controller. Appliances or machinery without a Vehicle Identifier sticker may be delayed or prevented from assisting in the response.

Stickers are issued under a number of conditions including:

  • the Fire Response Vehicle Identifier is for the purpose of fire response;
  • when the vehicle is no longer used as a fire response vehicle (e.g. when sold) the identifier will be removed;
  • compliance with the Road Traffic Act 1974;
  • identifier can be revoked by an Incident Controller or authorised person at any time;
  • appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing will be worn at all times;
  • the driver will ensure that the vehicle’s presence at an incident is recorded on  both arrival and departure;
  • Read and understood the “Operating Private Equipment at Bushfires” publication and will make drivers of the vehicle familiar with this document.

Application forms are available from the Shire Administration Centre or downloadable here.

Multiple stickers may be issued to persons with multiple suitable vehicles/equipment – one application form per vehicle is required.

Stickers will be mailed to applicant following vetting of the application by the Shire.

Should you have any questions please contact the Shire on 9629 1101.