Be in the loop

What would you like to hear about from the Shire of Goomalling? And what is the best way for us to contact you?

What do you want to hear about?

Emergency Warnings

Please contact us to add your mobile number to our emergency warning SMS list (in case of emergencies like fires or storms when your landline may not be working). Everyone who is currently registered for harvest ban notifications by SMS will already be added to the emergency warning list.


Over the space of a year in Goomalling there are many events and opportunities we'd love you to hear about. To make sure you don't miss out, please let us know what you're interested in so we can get in touch with you by email. What would you like to hear about?

Community Events | Personal Development | Arts | Gardening | Cooking | Outings | Movies | Sport | Farming Information | Environmental Grants | Business Development | Youth Opportunities and Activities | Health | Babies and Young children | Other.

How would you like us to contact you?


Residents and ratepayers will continue to receive a Shire of Goomalling newsletter several times a year. Please contact us if you're not receiving them and we'll add you to the mailing list.

Endeavour Newspaper

The Shire of Goomalling will continue to put public notices in Goomalling's fortnightly newspaper, the Endeavour.


Shire of Goomalling website - There is plenty of information here on the website and it's updated regularly, but please tell us if there's something else you want here.

Social network sites - We're active on Facebook with the following pages: 

Email - Email is an instant way to get information to a lot of people with shared interests. Let us know what you're interested in (from the list above) and we'll add you to a relevant emailing list.


SMS is currently used for emergency warnings and harvest bans. Depending on community demand and cost , we may look at SMS as a communication tool for other Shire information.

Contact Tahnee Bird, Shire of Goomalling Community Development Officer, on 9629 1101 or with your preferences for communications from the Shire, or drop in to the Shire Office or ring us 9629 1101.