Local Laws

The following local laws are adopted by Council and are applicable in the Shire of Goomalling:

  1. Management and Control of Goomalling Cemetery as amended 2010
  2. Extractive Industries 2007
  3. Local Laws relating to Fencing as amended 2010
  4. Health Local Laws 2007
  5. Local Government Property Local Law as amended 2010
  6. Refuse Disposal Facilities Local Law as amended 2008
  7. Waste Local Law as amended 2011
  8. Local Law relating to Fire Breaks 1997
  9. Local Laws relating to Dogs 1997
  10. Local Laws relating to Parking Facilities 1997
  11. Local Laws in relation to the conduct of proceedings and the business of Council 1997

A digital copy is not readily available for 1997 dated Local Laws, but can be produced upon request to goshire@goomalling.wa.gov.au