Shire of Goomalling

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in Goomalling

The Shire of Goomalling aims to reduce waste going to landfill and helps provide services that allow the local community to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Remember, as well as helping the environment, recycling can also earn Goomalling money - for example scrap metal that is taken to the allocated place at the tip can be sold for thousands of dollars, saving ratepayers money. And proceeds from recycling by the Goomalling Lions Club are donated back to the community.

For tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle see  

Below is an outline of which organisation will accept what in the form of second hand and recyclable goods.


This project was started by Goomalling Tidy Towns (GoTT) Sustainable Community to keep resources out of landfill and promote reuse and repurpose of usable items.

The following items can be left at the Goomalling Reuse Centre (at the Goomalling Tip – sea container):

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  • Leather – rolls, skins, offcuts
  • Metals – punchouts, shelving brackets, sheets
  • Visual merchandising – mannequins, body shells, decorations, props, display items, corflute, signage and coloured contact
  • Netting and sun shade material
  • Containers – plant pots and containers that cannot be recycled at Lions recycling depot.
  • Plastics and foam – sheet Perspex, acetate, cut-outs, polypropylene, stencils, vinyl, O-rings, containers, neoprene, eva skins, stickybacks, closed cell foam
  • Foam rubber
  • Corks and bottle tops (must be clean and if metal, not rusted)
  • Full sheets of MDF
  • Doors
  • Industrial offcuts
  • Commercial overruns
  • Bikes, bike parts, wheels, springs and interesting bits and pieces
  • DIY materials – tools, fittings etc.
  • Building Materials – tiles, pavers, de-nailed timber, carpet, vinyl etc.
  • Some small furniture, furniture drawers, non-electrical with small amount of damage
  • Paint: interior, exterior, art paint (must be in good condition and at least 25% full depending on size)
  • Wood & timber – interior/planed, flooring, spools, frames, plywood etc.
  • Rope, cord & twine
  • Catering and medical disposables (unused, no sharps)
  • Foils and films
  • Blank Media – CDs & CDRs and cases and damaged CD’s and DVD’s
  • Anything unusual!

If you are unsure please contact Margaret Hepi on 0400 119 850.

A few of the things the tip shop can’t take:

    • Clothing
    • Damaged MDF, Fibro, chipboard
    • Bedding and mattresses
    • Dirty or unsafe materials
    • Household waste including steel cans
    • Most household appliances
    • Used computer peripherals such as used ink cartridges, toner etc
    • Any broken glass, dishware, ceramics, mirrors
    • Items that go to the Goomalling Op Shop
    • Large furniture

Both Goomalling Tidy Towns and Goomalling Reuse Centre have established a Facebook Group you can join to be in the loop on what is going on in these areas:

Goomalling Reuse Centre - Tip Shop:

Goomalling Tidy Towns (GoTT) Sustainable Community:


Located on Railway Terrace between RB Motors and Bendigo Bank. Open Monday, Thursday & Friday 9am-3pm and Saturday 9am-12noon (subject to change & availability of volunteers). Goods are to be dropped off during opening hours only please.

  • Kitchen and household goods – non electrical
  • Small furnishings eg. side tables, non-electrical
  • Wool, sewing items
  • Vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, videos and electronic games – in good to excellent condition
  • Toys – in excellent condition please
  • Ceramics & glassware – in excellent condition, new or used
  • New or vintage clothing and accessories, including junk jewellery
  • Stationery – pad paper, pens, pencils, folders, blank paper etc.
  • Props and costumes – theatre props, costumes, set pieces, wigs, fake jewellery etc.
  • Books, comics and quality magazines – in good to excellent condition
  • Haberdashery – zippers, buttons, thread, belts, clips, shoulder pads, braid, ribbon
  • Fabric & textiles – rolls, large pieces, swatches, sample books, stripping, felt, large fabric offcuts, dacron, wool


Located on White Street behind the railway line. Please sort your recyclables in the appropriate areas as indicated. The Lions Club's pick up service within the Goomalling townsite (previously on the second Sunday of each month) is currently NOT available. All funds raised by the recycling program are invested back into the community through donations.

  • Newspapers (NO cardboard or office paper)
  • Plastic – MILK BOTTLES ONLY (clean, no tops)
  • Aluminium cans
  • Vehicle batteries and radiators
  • non-ferrous metals

Unfortunately due to the changing market demands, the Lions Club can no longer recycle cardboard, shredded paper, glass (bottles & jars), plastic cool drink bottles or plastic film at this stage. They will continue their endeavours to find markets for these items but with little success at this stage.


Ink cartridges and toner are collected at the Goomalling Shire Office and at the Goomalling Post Office. The Post Office also has the appropriate bags to send in your old mobile phones and accessories.

Household batteries can be dropped off at the Shire Office.

In March and September each year a drumMUSTER is organised by the Shire of Goomalling where used chemical drums can be dropped off. They need to be thoroughly cleaned and dry, and caps removed. Check our events calendar to find out the date for the next drumMuster.

Why Not Landfill?

"Landfills have environmental and financial costs that are paid for by businesses and residents. They can pollute the local environment by:

  • creating leachate, a toxic liquid;
  • generating methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide; and
  • producing repulsive smells.

They also represent a lost opportunity as valuable materials are removed from the economy."

-- source Planet Ark's 'Second Nature - Recycling in Australia' report

The Goomalling Refuse Disposal Facility

The refuse disposal facility has allocated areas for different materials such as construction waste (e.g sand, soil, bricks, concrete, etc) and white goods.

Please separate your waste into the various allocated areas, this helps with potential recycling.