Goomalling has a range of facilities, groups and opportunities for people in their teens and twenties.

Our Youth, Our Future

Shire of Goomalling wants to create resilient and empowered young people who are valued members of the community, by providing high quality services that support, educate and equip them for life’s adversities and adventures. 

The development of the Shire's Youth Friendly Community Plan 2017 "Our Youth, Our Future" was funded through the Youth Friendly Communities funding by the Department of Local Government and Communities.Shire of Goomalling partnered with @gooma_squad to develop strategies set out in this plan and will remain integral partners to address youth issues. 

BMX Track

The BMX Pocket Park, located on the south side of the Hockey Oval, is accessible either via Lockyer Street or over the hockey oval. The BMX track has been designed as an unstructured recreation space for our young people to participate in “healthy” risks; and for people of all ages and abilities.

The initiative was support by Melissa Price Federal MP for Durack and partly funded by the Australian Government under the Stronger Communities Programme.

Goomalling BMX Track


Throughout the year there are plenty of grant opportunities to put on various youth events. If you have an idea for a local event, please contact our Community Development Coordinator on 9629 1101 or who may be able to help you make it happen.

Goomalling has put on many theatrical productions in the past, and there are a few people who'd love to see it happen again. Contact our Community Development Coordinator on 9629 1101 or who can put you in touch with a few people who could help you build some momentum to get something going. 

Volunteer Bushfire Brigade 

Goomalling may not have Cubs, Scouts, Brownies or Girl Guides, but there are various outdoorsy and active clubs to get involved in and the Volunteer Bushfire Brigade is just one of them. Contact Robert Koch, Community Emergency Service Manager, on 0458 042 104 or Brady Anderson on 0427 291 229 for details.

Goomalling St John Ambulance

Volunteers for Goomalling St John Ambulance learn great skills and provide an invaluable service to the local community, and have even been known to go on get work as paramedics on the mines. To find out more, contact Lauren carr at the Goomalling Sub Centre on 9629 1508 or, or Sue Carr at the Goomalling Hospital on 9629 0100.


There are heaps of sporting groups and facilities in Goomalling to choose from. If you're interested in getting a new club going, contact our Community Development Coordinator on 9629 1101 or who may be able to help you.


Goomalling has a few arts groups that welcome new people. Community arts projects happen from time to time in Goomalling (like the Wheatbelt Wander Wall below) and if young people have ideas for projects but aren't sure how to get started, our Community Development Officer would be happy to help them along with exploring opportunities to attract grant funding that focuses on skills development.

Young artists, writers and musicians should subscribe to the Propel Youth Arts newsletter (by emailing to keep an eye out for opportunities such as grants, arts camps and events. Goomalling young people have participated in some of these in the past and they've had a great time, met like-minded people and learnt more about their art.


Nature and the environment

The South West of Australia is one of the world's biodiversity hotspots and Goomalling is part of it. Goomalling has several reserves and a range of environmental groups that young people can make the most of. Also, visit for suggestions for outdoor adventures.

Commissioner for Children and Young People

The WA Commissioner for Children and Young People's website provides organisations and the broader community with access to information concerning the wellbeing of WA’s children and young people. 

The website also includes a dedicated info section for children and young people with information, videos and publications about what children and young people in WA have been saying about important issues that affect them, and how the Commissioner has responded. This area of the website also presents young people with opportunities to participate in consultations and to share comments and feedback.