Neighbourhood Watch and Rural Watch

Neighbourhood Watch aims assist the Western Australia Police in its efforts to reduce crime in the community by:

  • reducing the fear of crime in the community
  • reducing preventable crime
  • encouraging reporting of suspicious activity in your neighbourhood
  • improving the quality of information passed to police
  • improving the level of home security in the community
  • encouraging the marking/engraving of property to:
    • discourage theft
    • assist in identifying recovered property

About Neighbourhood Watch

See the Neighbourhood Watch website for info about:

  • Home security
  • Personal safety
  • Car security
  • Reporting suspicious activity
  • Reporting hoons
  • Going away
  • Property identification
  • Become a NHW member

About Rural Watch

The Rural Watch section has info about:

  • Farmhouse security
  • Livestock theft
  • Farm machinery theft
  • Grain theft
  • Going away
  • Reporting suspicious activity
  • Property identification

How to join

If you're interested in joining Neighbourhood Watch in Goomalling, please contact our local police station on 9629 1200.