Council awarded for commitment to youth

Published on Wednesday, 15 August 2018 at 9:48:00 AM

PHAIWA AwardThe Children’s Environment and Health Local Government Policy Awards is an initiative developed by the Public Health Advocacy Institute of Western Australia (PHAIWA) in response to children’s environment and health being identified as the highest priority in the 2009 forum.

The annual Local Government Report Cards have proven to be effective in evaluating program quality, promoting program improvement and informing and advocating for programs in many settings including schools, urban planning and health services. This project employs the report card as an innovative advocacy tool that acts as both an effective evaluation mechanism of local government corporate strategy and an instrument to promote positive change in the local government sector.[1]

Shire of Goomalling was recognised in the 2018 Children’s Environment and Health Local Government Policy Awards ceremony held at the WALGA Local Government Convention, winning the category “Young People Making a Difference in Communities” for the second consecutive year.

Council’s application showcased the successful youth event #GoomaTownFest in April this year, the PHAIWA panel said: “The Shire shows great commitment to its youth, offering several events per year which is highly commendable given its acknowledged lack of resources, The Hunger Maze was an original, creative event guided by consultation with young people, using community champions to give hope and to show that it is possible to reshape your future. The Young Legend Award was an excellent strategy to inspire others to be kind, contribute to their community and to aim high!”

“Council acknowledges that young people play a vital role in the community not only for its future, but today. We are working hard to give our young people the best opportunity to thrive. Council is fortunate to have passionate staff and community members willing to go the extra mile for our kids” says Clem Kerp, Chief Executive Officer.


Media Contact           Tahnee Bird, Community Development Officer
Authorising Officer   Clem Kerp, Chief Executive Officer
Date                             8 August 2018


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