European Wasp ***GOOMALLING ON ALERT***

Published on Tuesday, 6 September 2022 at 8:58:26 AM

A Dumbleyung farmer took delivery of some farming supplies sent from rural Victoria. The goods were sent to Goomalling, collected by the farmer, and taken back to the Dumbleyung farm. The farmer then discovered four hibernating queen European wasps hiding in the delivered goods. These queens have now been destroyed.

As a consequence of this discovery, we will bey setting up a trapping grid around the towns in an effort to stop any potential establishment of EW in these regions. This will occur around December this year and will be monitored through to June/July 2023. Attached is some information on how the trapping surveillance works.

  1. European Wasp identification card
  2. European Wasp Alert poster

DPIRD would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that if anyone in the towns sees anything suspicious in terms of wasp / insect activity that they report it to DPIRD via the department’s MyPestGuide Reporter app, the European was website or by contacting the Pest and Disease Information service on 9368 3080 or

European Wasp Information and Links:

European wasp (EW) is considered one of the worst social, environmental and agricultural wasp pests in the world.

European wasps are attracted to human and pet food, and its aggressive, scavenging and predatory behaviour can have a profound impact on pollination, honeybees, native invertebrates, people’s health (they are highly aggressive), horticulture, the environment, and can disrupt outdoor dining and food-based recreational activities.

Its ongoing incursion into WA is thought to be via people and freight moving from interstate, where it is well established.

The Department has had an ongoing European wasp surveillance and eradication program for 45 years, since the first nest detection in 1977, which has prevented their establishment.

This has involved a commitment to trapping and surveillance to locate every nest each season. One undiscovered nest can lead to numerous new nests the following season. More information on EW and DPIRD’s role in eradicating this pest can be found on our website: European wasp website

Adopt a Trap Information:

People interested in assisting the Department in locating and eradicating EW can do so by signing up to DPIRD’s Adopt-a-trap program


Reports of suspect European wasp sightings can be made via the department’s MyPestGuide Reporter app, the European was website or by contacting the Pest and Disease Information service on 9368 3080 or

Nest detections 1977 to 2022:

Link to map showing all nests discovered and destroyed in WA - Nest locations since 1977

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