New Australian Fire Danger Rating System 

Published on Tuesday, 23 August 2022 at 3:42:43 PM

New Australian Fire Danger Rating System 

The new and standardised Australian Fire Danger Rating System (AFDRS) comes into effect 1 September 2022.

It is important that all residents understand what this means for bushfire plans, and how this affects those who use fire.

What changes?

Number of Rating Classifications:  The iconic ‘watermelon’ style indicator will be reduced from six ratings to four (Moderate, High, Extreme, Catastrophic).   The system also has a ‘no rating’ used where there is no tangible fire risk.  


‘HIGH’ is the new ‘VERY HIGH’ – Legislation dictates what burning/activities may or may not be undertaken in certain conditions with added restrictions formerly triggered at ‘VERY HIGH’.  Under the AFDRS scale, all such restrictions will now commence at a Fire Danger Rating of ‘HIGH’ (see table below).  This applies in particular to permit holders during the Restricted Burning Period – all permits will be automatically void on days forecast as HIGH or above.


What doesn’t change?

The purpose of Total Fire Bans and Harvest Vehicle Movement and Hot Works Bans and the methods of how they are communicated are unaffected by the new ADFRS.  The Shire of Goomalling employs a SMS notification system - to receive SMS notifications, please contact us to add your number to the list.

Goomalling’s forecast district of Avon is unaffected by changes.           

Where to find the Fire Danger Rating:                                                                                         

For more information about the AFDRS visit

Fire Danger Rating references to Bushfires Act

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