Recreation Hub safety lighting and CCTV funded by Australian government

Published on Tuesday, 26 March 2019 at 8:45:38 AM

Goomalling Recreation Hub safety Lighting and CCTV funded by Australian government

The provision of services and process to enhance public safety is considered a high priority for the Shire of Goomalling with a number of outcomes in Council’s Community Strategic Plan highlighting this. The Council has developed this project to achieve those outcomes and mitigate the risk of crime-related incidents at the recreation hub.

The multipurpose precinct is the nucleus of the community and a venue for civic activity, structured and unstructured recreation and is a potential target for opportunistic crime.

Increasing provision of security lighting and CCTV at this location will:

  • Deter crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Promote a welcoming, inclusive and healthy community
  • Protect personal property and equipment
  • Protect of public assets
  • Foster a sense of safety amongst users
  • Increase visibility for users at night/early morning enhancing sense of security

An additional benefit of the project is the enhanced visibility for users which will reduce risk of injury when navigating pathways and carparks.

The project will deliver 19 solar LED security lights and 14 CCTV cameras to pathways, buildings and carparks within the recreation hub precinct to foster an enhanced sense of safety amongst users. 

Council was granted $108,500 (excluding GST) under the Australian Government’s Safer Communities Fund Round 3 Infrastructure Grants to carry out the project.

Media Contact:   Tahnee Bird, Community Development Officer
Authorising Officer:   Peter Bentley, Chief Executive Officer
Date:   25 March 2019

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