Published on Monday, 20 November 2023 at 2:01:39 PM

CORELLA CONTROL SURVEY                                                                                     


The Avon Regional Organisation of Councils (AROC) is working with Wheatbelt NRM, CBH and other Councils to investigate ways to control the Corella problem which has persisted and grown in many parts of the wheatbelt for some years now.


In the initial stages the AROC commissioned a study which identified the scale of the problem and listed a number of potential remedies.  The study was completed some two years ago and during that time we have been trying to attract a wider consortium of participants to contribute to the potential control of these pest birds.  Jacquie Lucas has been appointed by Wheatbelt NRM to coordinate the wider project.


To follow up on the work already done, Jacquie has created a survey which gives the participants the opportunity to identify location, bird numbers and damage done of and by the Corellas.   The attached QR code takes you directly to the survey which will ask where, how many, what they were doing and gives you the ability to attach photos.


The survey is to give updated data to the coordinator so that a wider range of control methods can be investigated with the State Government and the other stakeholders.  I encourage you to use the survey as without the data we will struggle to gain the State’s support for more effective control measures.


Click on the barcode to get started.


Peter Bentley

Chief Executive Officer


 Corella Control Survey Link


Corella Survey