Request for Quotation for Bushfire Mitigation Services

Published on Thursday, 11 July 2024 at 3:33:35 PM

The Shire of Goomalling (the Shire) is seeking written quotations from Respondents for specific fixed price bushfire mitigation treatments as part of the delivery of bushfire mitigation works throughout the Shire.

Quote Submission

  • Deadline for submission of quotes is at 12:00pm Friday 26th July 2024
  • Quotes to be submitted electronically via email to and include the completed price per treatment identified in Annexure 1.
  • Queries to be directed in writing to Rob Koch, Community Emergency Services Manager

Project Background and Objectives

The Shire has been successful in securing funding for the delivery of mitigation works to protect assets and manage areas of significant risk from wildfire. The Shire of Goomalling has identified 12 locations of high to extreme risk that require mitigation treatment in the form chemical application, slashing and bridge assets vegetation management totalling 58 hectares. The objective of this project is to effectively manage the identified bushfire risk as outlined in the Shire of Goomalling Bushfire Risk Management Plan. The project will be delivered over a period of approximately August 2024, concluding November 2024, subject to weather conditions and operator availability.

Equipment Criteria

All plant should be in good working condition, well maintained and fully insured. All plant shall meet the relevant safety requirements stipulated by legislation but should specifically meet the following:

  • Fully cleaned down before arrival at each site.
  • Serviceable minimum 9kg fire extinguisher
  • Serviceable UHF Radio
  • Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structures (FOPS) that meet relevant Australian Standards
  • Operational amber beacon with 360-degree visibility
  • Reverse lights with audible warning

If the plant or equipment is inoperative or not fit for purpose due to breakdown, safety reasons or otherwise, the Shire may stand down the pant through a notice to the contractor or their representative. During any stand down time, the hire period will be terminated, and the principal will incur no costs.

Please note: Some treatments are not suited to vehicular plant and require hand operated power tools.


Project Schedule

Milestone Date Submission of written quotations 12:00 26th July 2024.

Contract awarded by 02nd August 2024

Completion of works as per required to meet Treatment Objective (specification) set in Annexure 1, and no later than the completion date of Annexure 1 for each treatment.  If Respondents are unable to meet the above completion date, a proposed completion date shall be noted in their quote submission.

Respondents to Note

  • This procurement process is not a tender process as is defined, interpreted, and represented by Local Government Regulation (Functions and General) 1996. The estimate value of engagement via this procurement being less than $249,999, this procurement process is governed by the internal Purchasing Policy of the Shire of Goomalling, which is available at Shire of Goomalling website (
  • Quotes and documents submitted will become the property of the Shire;
  • The respondent is required to provide sufficient information so that all the above elements can be evaluated. Respondent to note that the Shire of Goomalling will not make any assumptions during quote assessment, and hence it is the sole responsibility of the respondent to provide the complete information in their quote, which will enable the Shire to evaluate the quote;
  • The Shire, at sole discretion, may strategically split the Project Deliverables and Scope of Work, among multiple Contractors;
  • The evaluation of submissions (quotes) may compose an evaluation panel representing user’s groups, stakeholders or/and internal/external consultants/experts;
  • The Shire reserves the right to withdraw or suspend this procurement/ quotation process at any stage, at its sole discretion. The Shire is not liable to any claim or payment, against any expenditure, direct or indirect, incurred by the respondent, during preparation of quotation;
  • The delay in receipt of a quote is not the responsibility of the Shire and late quotation submissions may not be accepted;
  • The respondent will be sent a confirmation email after receipt of the quote;
  • The quote should be valid for at least 60 days from the last date of submission of quote as mentioned in this document;
  • By submitting a quote against this procurement process, the respondent accepts the terms of this process;
  • This procurement process does not in any form represent a process contract;
  • In the event that multiple quotes are received from the respondent, only the last and the latest one will be valid for the representation in this procurement process;
  • Electronic submissions must not exceed 10 MB, with Microsoft Word and PDF documents preferable;
  • IMPORTANT: Chemical Works treatment type treatments: The respondent should demonstrate their ability to substitute chemical application with slashing (either whole or in part), should chemical application windows be missed, or application be ineffective. Respondents offering slashing only services may provide treatment quotes for a slashing only service, however this must be notated in the response.

Shire of Goomalling Contact

Rob Koch 0458 042 104,

Form of Contract

The Shire of Goomalling may enter a contract with the successful respondent by issuing following documents which will become part of the contract:

  • Purchase Order; and

 • ‘Standard General Conditions of Contract (GCC) for Supply of Goods and Services under Purchase Order’