Rates, Administration & Customer Service

Form Comments Last updated
Application for Monumental Work Form 12 Application for monumental work to be completed by the holder of the Grant of Right of Burial. Form 12 in accordance with Cemeteries Act 1986 (c15.30) 07/03/2024
Application for Order of Burial Application for Order of Burial (to be completed by undertaker or their agent) 07/03/2024
Application for Grant of Right of Burial or Renewal Application for Grant of Right of Burial or Renewal 07/03/2024
Change of Contact Details Please advise us when your residential and/or postal address change so we can update our records (rates, newsletter,...). 24/10/2022
Complaint Form (Alleged Breach) Complaint Form for alleged breach in accordance with Elected Member Code of Conduct, by an Elected Member or Candidate. 22/3/2021
Financial Hardship Application To complete the Financial Hardship application, evidence of hardship is required, and customers are encouraged to provide any information about their circumstances that may be relevant for assessment. [More information] 25/10/2022
General Complaint Form So we can action appropriately, please provide a detailed description of your complaint and persons/places involved. 24/10/2022
Gym Enrolment Forms Gym Enrolment Form, Policy and Guidelines and Induction Form 07/03/2024
Hire of Community Bus Application and guidelines for hiring the Community Bus, including Driver/Hirer Form which is to be returned after hiring. 25/10/2022
Hire of Shire Facility Application and guidelines for hiring the Town Hall, Sports Complex or ovals  24/10/2022
Heavy Vehicle Permit Application Permits are required for vehicles over 19m long, traversing on our local roads. A $13.20 administration fee per permit is payable upon application; permits are valid for 12 months. 25/10/2022
Rates Valuations -Lodging an Objection To lodge an online objection to your land value with Landgate visit the link. For more information about the objection process, visit Landgate's website. Lodgements are still accepted via email, post and in person. 03/03/2021
Rental Application Generic form for applications to rent Shire properties  25/10/2022
Special Series Plate Application To apply for a new or remake of existing Special Series Plate XXXXGO. Please check availability if applying for a new plate number. Prices at 1 July 2019: New $300; Remake $111.60 10/2/2016
Works Request For any requests regarding roads, verges, drains, signs, footpaths, parks, Shire buildings. 25/10/2022

Building & Planning

Form Comments Last updated
Development Application Form Planning/Development approval is not necessary if you’re building a single house on a single residential-zoned lot, or a shed in town no bigger than 3mx3m and it’s constructed from NEW materials of brick or Colorbond iron sheeting. All rural properties developments require planning approval. 02/07/2021
Application to construct or install a septic tank Required when installing sewage treatment (eg, a septic tank, composting toilet, or grey water reuse system) 1/10/2018
Building Application Form (uncertified) (BA2) For building permit applications where the Shire's Building Surveyor approves your plans and provides a Certificate of Design Compliance. For applications where plans are certified by a private organisation, use form BA1. 1/10/2018 
Notice of Completion (BA7) To be completed and returned within seven days of the end of construction.  9/3/2012
Payment Form for Building Applications To calculate the required fees due upon submitting your application. 25/10/2022
Submission Form for Building Applications To accompany all building applications.

Emergency Services

Form Comments Last updated
Bushfire Brigade Application Form Application to join local bushfire brigades, including Jennacubbine, Central, Konnongorring and the Farm Response Bush Brigade unit.  11/11/2022


Form Comments Last updated
Fence Line Clearing Application Form Written approval for clearing  roads reserves must be obtained from the Shire prior to undertaking any clearing. Refer to the Fence Line Clearing guide here. 06/09/2022
Application for Extractive Industries Liscence Written approval is required for commercial extraction of minerals, gravel and sand within the shire. 25/10/2022


Form Comments Last updated
Food Premises Notification / Registration Form Any business or organisation intending to serve food (permanently or temporarily) must be registered with the Shire. This registration is valid from then onwards. 27/10/2022
Application for Temporary Food Stall Anyone who intends to serve food at public events (including food vans), whether as a permanent business or temporary such as food stalls/community organisations, are required to notify the Shire via this form for each event. 27/10/2022
Event Notification Form Event notification forms are required for events that are available to the public, such as school fetes, concerts etc 01/07/2021
Application to construct or install a septic tank Required when installing sewage treatment (eg, a septic tank, composting toilet, or grey water reuse system) 01/10/2018

Ranger Services

Form Comments Last updated
Cat Registration Form All domestic cats over 6 months of age must be registered. To help identify an owned cat, it needs to wear a collar and registration tag. They also need to be microchipped and sterilised.  25/10/2022 
Dog Registration Form All dogs over 3 months of age have to be registered and microchipped.  25/10/2022
Application to keep more than 2 dogs If you wish to keep more than 2 dogs on a property within the Shire of Goomalling, you must apply for a 3-6 dog permit. A non-refundable application fee of $80 is applicable. 27/10/2022
Change of Dog/Cat Ownership When a cat or dog changes to a different owner, you need to notify your local authority so their registration details can be updated.  27/10/2022

Department of Transport

The following external forms are some of the frequently used Licensing forms. Any forms that are not listed here can be found on the Dept of Transport's website.

Vehicle Forms

Application to License a Vehicle (VL17)
Concession - Pensioner, Senior  (C1)
Change in Heavy Vehicle Use (VL184)
Farm Haulage (Primary Producer) Concession (VL21)
Farm Tractor/Plant (VL18)
Farm Vehicle Concession (VL39)
Vehicle Transfer Form (MR9)

Driver Forms

Driver Licence Application Form (DLA1)
Concession on Driver Licence - Pensioner/Senior (C1)
Required ID documents for Driver Licence Applications