Rare Orchids illegally harvested from Konnongorring Reserve

Published on Thursday, 22 August 2019 at 9:53:30 AM

The South West of Western Australia is a world renowned biodiversity hotspot, with flora and fauna that isn’t seen anywhere else in the world. In Goomalling locals have been able to enjoy the intricacies of the unique natural environment and have encouraged visitors to share in the magic of our local offerings including many varieties or wildflowers and orchids.

Wildflowers are an integral part of local tourism bringing much needed revenue to small local businesses in our community.

We are disappointed to report that unknown persons have desecrated our natural reserve and the fragile ecosystem by digging up entire patches of orchids in the Konnongorring area. This was a pointless and stupid act as the orchids cannot live outside of their natural environment, they require very specific soil, fungi and moisture composition which is why they only grow in small coverings in very few locations.

Sadly, it was not one plant but all of the orchids in the vicinity that were stolen without consideration of the consequence that we may never see these orchids again.

The incident has been reported to the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

If you are exploring the local area please respect the reserve, tread carefully, be particularly mindful if you have children with you and leave your pets at home.  It is illegal to pick wildflowers without a permit.

Red blood spider orchids in Goomalling WA

Media Contact: Tahnee Bird, Community Development Officer
Authorising Officer: Peter Bentley, Chief Executive Officer
Date: 20 August 2019

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