Shire of Goomalling

Council Policies

The purpose of policy documents is to enable the effective and efficient management of Council resources, and to assist staff and Council to achieve an equitable decision making process.

Written policies also enable the community to be aware of the reasoning behind administrative and Council decisions; and to be familiar with the philosophy behind individual decisions.

This section contains all policies currently adopted by Council.  Council's Policy Manual is currently under review and will be adopted in its entirety later in 2020.

Governance Policies

1.1 Payments to Employees in Excess of Entitlements on Resignation or Termination. [view]

1.2 Use of Corporate Credit Card. [view]

1.3.1 Purchasing Policy. (Updated May 2016) [view]

1.3.2 Regional Price Preference Policy. (Updated June 2016) [view]

1.4 Debt Recovery Procedures (Updated June 2020) [view]

1.5 Meetings – Scheduled Dates. [view]

1.6 Standing Committees – Terms of Reference. [view]

1.7 Gift for Retiring Councillors. [view]

1.8 Media. [view]

1.9 Conferences Meetings Seminars – Elected Members. [view]

1.10 Australia Day Awards. [view]

1.11 Training – Elected Members. [view]

1.12 Staff Selection – Senior Employees. [view]

1.13 CEO Performance and Salary Review. [view]

1.14 Conferences – CEO & Finance Manager. [view]

1.15 Legal Representation for Council Members and Employees. [view]

1.16 Legal Proceedings and Prosecutions. [view]

1.17 Habitual or Vexatious Complainants Policy. [view]

1.18 New Business Incentives. [view]

1.19 Fees and Charges for Community Facilities & Active Reserves. [view]

1.20 Hall Hire Policy. [view]

1.21 Goomalling Primary School and P&C and Sacred Heart Catholic School and P&F. [view]

1.22 Undeveloped Road Reserves. [view]

1.23 Weather Related Road Closures. [view]

1.24 Restricted Access Vehicles. [view]

1.25 Donation/Scholarships for Primary and Secondary Students. [view]

1.26 Superannuation Matching (2019) [view]

1.27 Revaluation of Assets (2020 [view]

Statutory Policies

2.1 OHS Bullying in the Workplace. [integrated into Workplace Behaviours - 4.42]

2.2 Business Ephemeral Records Guidelines. [view]

2.3 Metadata Policy. [view]

2.4 Email Procedures. [view]

2.5 Electronic Records Policy. [view]

2.6 Archiving Policy. [view]

2.7 Vital and Vital/Legal Document Procedures. [view]

2.8 Correspondence Procedures. [view]

2.9 Elected Members Records Policy. [view]

2.10 Financial Hardship (Updated June 2020) [view]

2.11 Complaints Handling. [view]

Statutory Planning Policies

3.1 Relocated Second Hand Buildings. [view]

Management Procedures

4.1 Administration Building and Council Chambers. [view]

4.2 Citizenship Ceremonies. [view]

4.3 Administration Centre Flag Pole. [view]

4.4 Budget Preparation. [view]

4.5 Hire of Memorial Hall and Sports Pavilion Equipment. [view]

4.6 Drummuster Inspectors. [view]

4.7 Gravel Pit Rehabilitation. [view]

4.8 Corporate Uniform. [view]

4.9 Annual Leave. [view]

4.10 Staff Housing and Housing Subsidy. [view]

4.11 Employee Training and Development. (Updated Oct 2020) [view

4.12 Use of Council Vehicles. [view]

4.13 Investment. (Updated February 2016) [view]

4.14 Telephone Charges - Residences. [view]

4.15 Council Purchase Orders. [view]

4.16 Contiguous Rating – Shire Boundary Properties. [view]

4.17 Bank Signatories. [view]

4.18 Rates Exemption. [view]

4.19 Common Seal. [view]

4.20 Concessions on Commercial & Farming Properties occupied by Pensioners. [view]

4.21 Hall Hire. [view]

4.22 Asset Management. [view]

4.23 Goomalling Caravan Park Permanent Residents. [view]

4.24 Hiring of Equipment. [view]

4.25 Private Property Access and Crossovers. [view]

4.26 Road Reserve Weed Control. [view]

4.27 Use of Council Equipment and Machinery for Bushfire Control. [view]

4.28 Staff Performance and Salary Reviews. [view]

4.29 Employee Study Leave. [view]

4.30 Conferences - Staff. [view]

4.31 Social Media. [view]

4.32 Staff Send-Offs. [view]

4.33 Harvesting over Christmas/New Year Period. [view]

4.34 Councillor’s iPad Use. [view]

4.35 Risk Management. (Updated Oct 2020) [view]

4.36 Grant Management. [view]

4.37 Gravel Royalty. [view]

4.38 Fitness for Work (Impairment, Drugs & Alcohol). (Updated Oct 2020) [view]

4.39 Disability Participation. [view]

4.40 Formal Discipline and Dismissal. [view]

4.41 Reasonable Adjustments for People with Disability. [view]

4.42 Workplace Behaviour. (Updated Oct 2020) [view]

4.43 Equal Employment Opportunity. [view]

4.44 Employee Recruitment and Selection. (Updated Oct 2020) [view]

4.45 Employee Induction. (Updated Oct 2020) [view]

4.46 Performance Management. [view]